How to increase your social media ROI without spending a penny!

Do you spend time Tweeting and Facebook-ing, only to see no results? Here are 4 tips that can help maximise your efforts and make your online presence bigger and better!

1) What do you really want to see?

First thing’s first…what exactly do you want to get from marketing your business on social media?  The ideal result of being on social media would be to get more sales, right? To achieve this, you may have a goal to connect with local businesses, or perhaps build relationships with industry experts.

Ensure you have clearly outlined the purpose of each of your social media accounts. That way, you can measure results more accurately.

2) Be Committed

Now you have the goal(s), what about the time?

A major factor that limits social media results is time. Contrary to popular belief, effective marketing doesn’t require a lot of time…but it does require you to use your time wisely.

Do you login to your social media sites with a plan of action? What do you want to achieve within the 10, 15 or 20 minutes you have? Having a plan will encourage you not to waste time getting lost in the busyness of the digital world, but instead, be as productive as possible in achieving your goals!

Take advantage of features such as Twitter lists and automated platforms such as Hootsuite, which can help you become more efficient.

3) Move with the times

Taking the leap to join social media is commendable, but don’t stop there! Attack social media with a forward-thinking approach and don’t be afraid to continuously develop your online brand by keeping up with the latest trends.

Gifs, memes, video….social media users love visuals so incorporating them into your social media activity can really help boost engagement levels.

4) Step outside your comfort zone

Being proactive is another key to help increase your return on investment.

It’s not enough just to be seen, you have to be part of the conversation too! That often involves going the extra mile and doing things such as taking time out to read and comment on an influencer’s post, breaking the ice and saying hello to new followers, connecting people asking for recommendations…the list really can go on!

Remember, every conversation you start can lead to an opportunity!

What do you do to increase your return on investment? We’d love to hear from you!