Social Media: Back to Basics

With over 2 billion people tweeting and facebook-ing, social media is hardly the world’s best kept secret! However, we can get so caught up in the “doing” that we sometimes forget to take time out to pause and reflect. So…let’s go back to basics!

Is social media contributing to your bottom line?

Social media is useful in so many ways, but for some people, that’s its greatest downfall. The benefits of social media are endless and it’s therefore importance that you clarify what role you would like it to play within your business. Social media marketing is most effective when it is used as part of a business strategy, rather than in isolation.

Set goals 

Maximise your return-on-investment by being intentional, dedicating time, effort (and possibly money) towards achieving SMART goals. Your time is too important to be using social media aimlessly!

Understand the purpose of each social media platform 

Each social media platform has been designed for a specific purpose and each platform has its pro’s and con’s. Whilst LinkedIn is ideal for professionals, Instagram may be more appropriate if selling a business-to-consumer product.  Take time out to explore each platform and identify which one(s) can best help you achieve your goals.

Measure, measure, measure 

So what do you do once you’ve aligned your strategy, set goals and are now present on all of the right platforms?

Well the next important thing to do is measure! Measuring your social media efforts is vital for you to conclude what’s working and what’s not. This will help give you a better understanding of where to reinvest your efforts, and what to say goodbye to!


Experimentation means risk and taking risks can be quite scary, right?

“What if things go wrong?”

“What if I go viral…for all the wrong reasons?!”

Experimenting does involve risks but it doesn’t have to be anything too drastic. Consider what your perfect brand looks like and poke the box slowly. Before you know it, you would have created an online presence that is outside of the box and completely unique!

You can never stop learning 

Updates are constantly being introduced to each social media platform which means that you can learn something new almost every day! Attend free seminars, read books, speak to experts….after all, knowledge is power.

Have fun! 

Last but definitely not least…have fun! Whilst it’s great to work towards tangible results, don’t forget that you can have fun too!

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