5 Tips on How to Engage Your Followers

Thankfully, many people have now abandoned the Twitter number game in search of real value. It’s great to have thousands of followers, but when there’s no real value being exchanged, is it really worth it? Here are 5 pointers that can turn your followers into a highly engaged community.

1) Get Visual

Don’t let the exit of Vine deceive you – Twitter favours visual content more than anything.  There’s just something more appealing about a status that includes Beyoncé slaying in a gif, or a meme that leaves you LOL’ing in your head. In fact, tweets with photos receive 313% more engagement…313% more engagement! That’s a huge statistic and it just proves the necessity for visuals to be included in your social media strategy.

2) Start the Conversation

You see it played out all the time in real life – two people want to talk to each other but neither is daring enough to start the conversation. So what happens? Unfortunately, both miss out on what could have been the start of something beautiful…

Welcoming new followers is a great way to ignite dialogue and you could even go that extra mile and check out their bio to get an idea for a unique conversation starter.

You can also draw people into your social media world by asking questions, creating a poll, hosting a competition or simply just @‘ing followers directly when you want to comment on something they have posted or share with something you think they would find interesting.

3) Get involved in the conversation

You may not start a conversation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join the party!

Participating in trending hours and trending topics is an effective way to increase your visibility and connect with fellow tweeters. You can also take advantage of Twitter chats organised by brands and industry influencers.

Also, don’t forget that the retweet and reply button are there and ready to be used! If a Tweet grabs your attention, don’t be shy in complimenting the individual and sharing the status with your followers. Likewise if someone starts a conversation with you – don’t be that person who gives the cold shoulder, instead, reply and see where the conversation leads.

4) Organisation is key!

On Twitter, if you blink for too long you’ll open your eyes to see an overwhelming amount of updates. However, you can conquer Twitter’s fast-paced nature by creating Twitter lists. These lists allow you to create different groups and subscribe Twitter accounts accordingly. So instead of going to your home feed and spending time scrolling through endless tweets, you can now go to each individual list and spot opportunities for engagement quicker and easier!

Organisation also calls for time management. Find out what time your posts are performing at their best and tweet during these times.

5) Pay for the attention 

Want a quick fix? Twitter’s paid advertisement platform let’s you do just that! On Twitter, you have the option to promote your page and posts and pay for them to be seen by your target audience.

It’s an effective way to boost engagement and an ideal option when you want to create a buzz around something particular, for example, the launch of a new website or product.

Engagement on Twitter does require commitment and therefore time, but the fruit of your labour will prove worthwhile!